False Summit – Heather Moore Niver

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Tonight we have a creepy piece by Heather Moore Niver. Y’all go read False Summit! http://13storiestilhalloween.com/Stories/false-summit.aspx #Halloween #Poetry #amreading

Hurry Home – Heather Moore Niver


Clocks tock


twelve. Scant rattle

of orange


through bare branches.


Wind wheedles,

curls cold


down your collar. Breaths catch

and rasp at the back


of your throat. Thud and quick.

Empty road echoes.


Hot breath.

Icy grip.



When she’s not wielding wild words or swilling hot black coffee, Heather Moore Niver is trying to herd her wily sheep and chickens, persnickety cats, and beardy husband at her cabin in New York State.

The Hiding Chant

by III

The children gather;
the pumpkins stare.
They beg for treasure
but never they share.

And so my brothers,
we shall embark
and go a’questing
when it gets dark.

They don their masks;
they play at fear.
But what they forget
will let us draw near.

We’ll show them our faces,
though see them they shan’t.
Because we are singing
the hiding chant.

Now go out among them
and into the night.
Go now my goblins;
it is time to unite!


III (Trey Martin) is a local, Atlanta-area poet with interests in neoclassical forms as as free verse.  Trey is a proud LGBT artist, with a penchant for taking an “alternative” view of the world both around and within us.

Into The Dark

by Jay N. Daniel

I will disappear to nothing…

No pain…

No tears…

No rage…

No fears…

Nothing in my way, but myself…

Broken and used…

Sifting through the pieces of my heart, I see you…

One last thought…

One flickering memory…

Into the dark I walk.


No bio was given for Jay, however if you would like to know more about Jay, feel free to send 13Stories a message, and we will make sure he gets it!