Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better by Matt Roberts

You should probably keep your eye on that kid at the playground… not that it’ll matter.

Tonight’s tale of terror is brought you you by Matt Roberts. Go read Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better over on 13 Stories Til Halloween!


She was a cute girl, wearing a pretty blue dress, had long blonde hair pulled up into pigtails, and she was scooping sand into a bucket with a little plastic shovel.

The pressure in Phillip’s head grew and the sound of the playground started to slip away.

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Josef by C.G. Tenpenny

Another creeptastic bedtime story is up over on 13 Stories Til Halloween!


Each memory flickered by like an old, spinning zoetrope. These rare moments, these crushing memory-laden moments, paralyzed and utterly defeated him in every way. He lay fetal, suffering each terrible image as it bathed his mind in its ghastly fluorescent light. Time could not be measured within the moment, but soon after, the clock would speak in terms of hours. The dazed recovery would be slow, but Marten Köhler would return to the world around him, mop the cold sweat, and return to his self-imposed imprisonment. Again and again.

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Gods And Monsters by Mikey Hope

Tonight’s story is up and ready to read over on 13 Stories Til Halloween! Gods and Monsters by Mikey Hope!
At sunset on the sixth day, Adam Guffman, barefooted, approached the thing on the beach.  He picked his way gingerly along the damp sand, carefully avoiding what remained of those who had approached while shod.  It lay on the grey shore by the waterside and bawled as if the world were coming to an end.  Whatever it was in the throes of, its moans traveled far over low dunes and grasses into homes and shops.
On the first day, exactly at dawn, the tremors had begun. By noon, every window and loose item lay shattered.  Watches soon stopped, or ran wrong. Phones and radios went haywire, reminding folks of stories about the Bermuda Triangle.

Gravely Mistaken by Carole Oldroyd

Tonight we have Gravely Mistaken by Carole Oldroyd on our super creepy short story countdown to Halloween!
“There shoulda been a wake.” The gravel of the church parking lot crunched under Ted’s polished wing tips. “Aunt Myrtle could throw a good one. The least we could do . . .” his voice trailed off.
“It wouldn’t be fitting. Not with that fire, and all.” Lula Mae toddled along carrying a warm casserole dish. Her pantyhose scritch-scratched as she tried to keep up on their way to the First Holiness social hall. She leaned over and whispered to Ted, “Captain Dan said half her face was burned clean off.” She shook her teased and hair-sprayed head in that pitiful way that said ‘bless her heart’ without saying it out loud.