Gods And Monsters by Mikey Hope

Tonight’s story is up and ready to read over on 13 Stories Til Halloween! Gods and Monsters by Mikey Hope!
At sunset on the sixth day, Adam Guffman, barefooted, approached the thing on the beach.  He picked his way gingerly along the damp sand, carefully avoiding what remained of those who had approached while shod.  It lay on the grey shore by the waterside and bawled as if the world were coming to an end.  Whatever it was in the throes of, its moans traveled far over low dunes and grasses into homes and shops.
On the first day, exactly at dawn, the tremors had begun. By noon, every window and loose item lay shattered.  Watches soon stopped, or ran wrong. Phones and radios went haywire, reminding folks of stories about the Bermuda Triangle.

Gravely Mistaken by Carole Oldroyd

Tonight we have Gravely Mistaken by Carole Oldroyd on our super creepy short story countdown to Halloween!
“There shoulda been a wake.” The gravel of the church parking lot crunched under Ted’s polished wing tips. “Aunt Myrtle could throw a good one. The least we could do . . .” his voice trailed off.
“It wouldn’t be fitting. Not with that fire, and all.” Lula Mae toddled along carrying a warm casserole dish. Her pantyhose scritch-scratched as she tried to keep up on their way to the First Holiness social hall. She leaned over and whispered to Ted, “Captain Dan said half her face was burned clean off.” She shook her teased and hair-sprayed head in that pitiful way that said ‘bless her heart’ without saying it out loud.

We All Gotta Eat by Jessica Nettles

It’s time for your creepy bedtime story! Go read We All Gotta Eat by Jessica Nettles!

Edie struggled to fit into her favorite sundress. It was harder now that she was five months along. She didn’t really feel like going to sit in the heat with church folk, but Ben had insisted, especially since they were expected to serve Liberty in every way possible.
She ran the brush through her tousled short hair, and grabbed her Keds as she moved toward the front of the house. Ben left an hour ago to go help the men get set up for the fish fry. It was part of the expectation of service.

The Stranger by Jamie Lee Scott

Knock, knock! Someone is at your door! You ready for tonight’s creeptastic tale? Go read The Stranger by Jamie Lee Scott!


The house was supposed to be finished by August, yet there I was, in September, sitting on the floor in what would eventually be our dining room, using a crowbar and hammer to pull up six layers of flooring, and remove nails. My husband, Chet, and I had spent months pounding away at the plaster and latticework on the old walls, gutting the house down to the studs, so we could remove the outdated, and dangerous wiring. The electrician had finally installed new wiring, and we had electricity and lights, so I could work after dark.

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