A Warm Welcome

hotel hell3The fresh faced man pulled a set of keys from his pocket and unlocked a door marked “Office”. He poked his head inside, sniffing the air, before grimacing, and pulling the door closed again. He turned and faced the hotel lobby. “Juan? Do you smell something burning?” he asked the janitor as he nonchalantly flicked a creeping spider off the desk onto the floor and stepped on it.

The janitor, Juan, walked swiftly into the room and shook his head, sniffing the air. “I don’t think it’s too bad, Robin, but I can go find a fan if you think it’s too much.”

“That might be a good idea, and while you’re at it, could you return these to the bar, please?” Robin lifted a couple of stray martini glasses from beside the computer.

“Yes, of course,” Juan said, taking the glasses from Robin’s hand.

Robin thanked Juan with a smile and eyed the stool hidden underneath the counter. “Shoo, Azazel!” he fussed, swatting at a black cat sitting in his spot. “I need to rest. We have a lot of work to do.”

The cat meowed, and jumped off the stool and on top of the counter. Robin obligingly scratched the cat behind its ears before it hopped down and meandered off.

The clock struck midnight as the bell over the front door alarmed Robin that the first guest has arrived. He smiled. Right on time!




Are you ready?!

Tomorrow we begin the spooktacular!

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Theeeeeeeeeeeey’re baaaaaaaack!!

Last year —> 13 Stories video it was just the two of them…

This year –  they’ve recruited their friends.

Stay tuned for all of the fun!!

Coming Soooooooon!!

New update coming soon! ::crazy writers planning more Halloween awesome writery stuff for 2012::