Gods And Monsters by Mikey Hope

Tonight’s story is up and ready to read over on 13 Stories Til Halloween! Gods and Monsters by Mikey Hope!
At sunset on the sixth day, Adam Guffman, barefooted, approached the thing on the beach.  He picked his way gingerly along the damp sand, carefully avoiding what remained of those who had approached while shod.  It lay on the grey shore by the waterside and bawled as if the world were coming to an end.  Whatever it was in the throes of, its moans traveled far over low dunes and grasses into homes and shops.
On the first day, exactly at dawn, the tremors had begun. By noon, every window and loose item lay shattered.  Watches soon stopped, or ran wrong. Phones and radios went haywire, reminding folks of stories about the Bermuda Triangle.

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