Trick-Or-Treating by Shay Leigh


The third story in our countdown is Trick-Or-Treating by Shay Leigh! A spooky fun tale of clowns… and how psychotic some of them can be.

The sightings of clowns seemed weird, but harmless. Yes, they chased people, carried knives and bats, and didn’t look like typical clowns. With the scary faces, it seemed obvious that laughter wasn’t their goal. To be careful, various towns and states banned clown costumes. More or less to protect the fools in frothy colorful clothing than anything else though. But it all changed on Halloween.

The clowns showed up everywhere. Cities, towns, even places that included house pets in the population count to pad the numbers… They were in bright primary colors, wore wigs of various shades, and had faces both grotesque and scary. But it was their weapons that showed they weren’t here for the candy. As to trick or treating… it depended upon what side of the costume you were on.

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