It Starts With The Tapping – Austin Malone

Our final story for the 2015 13 Stories ‘Til Halloween short story countdown to Halloween is up! “It starts with the tapping. Then the crawling. But I’m getting ahead of myself.”

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Ausin Malone Tapping S

Earworm – Jolene Mottern

By the end of the week, Josie’s song was a running joke in her circle. She’d asked everyone if they heard it. No one had. She told them it was driving her crazy.

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Jolene Mottern Earworm 640

Life Sentence – Terri Lynn Coop

In a world of corporate prisons and DNA-based death predictions, society still has to make the time fit the crime.

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Terri Lynn Coop LifeSentence S

The Patch – Joey Payne

Josh screamed for help for hours. His throat was raw and broken. His mother had told him to never walk through the kudzu patch and always go around. But the sun was blazing and the quickest way to his grandmother’s house was through the kudzu patch.

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Joey Payne The Patch small