As You Lyc It

by Emsee Plum

Detective Thomas Baxter opened his front door and peered around for his husband; so far, all he heard was excited barking and the clicking toenails coming from his trusty sidekick, Wolfgang. He flipped his keys into the bowl on the little table at the entrance of their home just as the little black dog got underfoot.

“How’s my sweet boy, how’s my Wolfie?” he said as he scratched his faithful companions’ ears. Thomas rubbed his tired eyes and moved over to plop on the couch. The dog immediately jumped atop his lap and let out a whine, begging for more cuddling and when his beloved human didn’t immediately respond, howled pugnaciously.

“You know we can get dinner faster if you got daddy.” Wolfgang looked him straight in the eyes, growled menacingly, licked his cheek, and ran off into the bedroom. Thomas watched him scurry with a smirk on his face.

“Hey Babe, I’m home!” Thomas yelled throughout the apartment.

“You know you are, Silly! I’m just changing!” yelled back Andy from the bedroom. “I just got back from a run!”

“So I’ve noticed.” He said sardonically as he looked at the sneakers and leash scattered on the living room floor. “Did Drew accompany you tonight?”

“Yeah you know it! Who else is going to protect me during night jogs in these mean streets while you’re out protecting the city? You know she’s a fantastic walking partner, so vivacious.” he giggled.

“Don’t make fun of me, it’s dangerous out there, there was another werewolf attack tonight!” He shouted back.

“Oh yeah?” Andy said with a very concerned tone. “Have you guys found anything? That’s like the fifth one this year.”

“Yeah it is; once every full moon, like clockwork…” He rubbed his face again. “Sarge is going hard on us, extra classes in preparation and combat, that kind of thing; we’re getting pressure from all sides now. They’re working us to death!”

“That’s terrible! I’m sure you’ll catch it soon though, won’t you? Almost finished then we can eat!” Andy shouted excitedly from the bedroom.

“I don’t know about that, he’s too good, never leaves a trace of himself about. By the next full moon, we’ll have people at every one of his hunting grounds waiting. They’ve stocked every conceivable kind of silver-loaded weapon, even crossbows! Can you imagine? Crossbows in this age?” Thomas chuckled as Andy strolled out dressed for going out to dinner.

“Well-” said Andy. “I suspect if this “monster” (he finger quoted the air) has eluded them this far they’re not going to have much luck anyway, he might even be finished terrorizing this area.”

“We can only hope.”

“Besides…silver is not my color.” Andy twirled on the spot then. “How do I look lover?” he chirped, and he kissed Thomas spritely and waited for an answer.

“Uh baby?” he pointed at Andy’s backside. “Your tail is sticking out.”

“Oops.” Andy giggled at that and morphed his tail in, grabbed his best friends hand, and they walked out the door.


Emsee plum is currently on nyQuil due to a terrible cold. When she’s not visiting the happy land magical lollipops, she likes to be a mum and a writer. Please stalk her at She’s fun!


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